2020 Fence Maintenance Project update: August 20th 2020.

Status: 99% completed   

Location:  Lots 182 - 250
Timing: May thru September
Vendor: Guardian Fencing

Our vendor has gone thru all of the fencing for the scope of this project. They will spend the next couple of weeks going back and touching up identified areas that need to be gone back over plus complete homes that were not ready in time by homeowners at time of pass thru. (i.e. snake fencing not taken down or foliage cleared)

After those are completed Guardian will be reaching out and scheduling with the homeowners that have requested bids/work for their personal homes. See below link if you are interested. 

Thank you - Jason Boehret Board Member. 

Interested in getting a quote from the painters for your personal fencing?
See link:

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